About us

There´s a new pizza in town!

It all started with a question. Does the perfect pizza exist? We decided to pack our bags and then traveled the world in search of the secret to creating the perfect pizza.

A crazy, exciting and absolutely fantastic journey, with no shortcuts

In 1947, the first pizza was served in Sweden and now more than 75 years later we are redrawing the pizza map and now giving everyone the opportunity to treat themselves to pizza in a completely new way.

A large slice inspired by the street corners of the city that never sleeps, directly in your hand in just a few minutes. We are proud to present the world’s tastiest slice, absolutely magical!

More than just a slice

We know that your health is as important as our planet, so it goes without saying that we only use the best ingredients when we bake your pizza.

The dough has a low Gi thanks to a slow cold fermentation of a full 48 hours, which we also bake with a flour packed with protein. This means that each slice contains over 20 grams of protein!

Almost as much as a can of tuna. Perfect after training, when you need extra energy or just fancy a slice. Can it get any better?

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